Happy Mother's Day

Posted May 09 2012

In honor of Mother's Day and a collection that has become the legacy of a mother to her daughter, I thought what more appropriate than a Q & A with Marcia about growing up and, ultimately, working with Lucia. 


What was the favorite trip you took with your mom as a child?
The summer I was fifteen and my little sister turned three (middle sis was eleven), Mom took all three of us to Mexico City for the summer.  What started swimmingly as language learning and cultural sightseeing was violently jolted into another experience by a very powerful earthquake.  We were evacuated from our eleventh floor apartment by the Mexican Army and left outside Neva 13 on the curb to contemplate our options.  In that very moment, we were invited to stay at the magnificent home of a neighbor we had never met before.  Their formal home and lifestyle was a rare window on another world.

What was your favorite travel together for work?
Every day and night in Asia with Mom was a lesson in full engagement.  Even in her eighties, the smiling blond businesswoman caught everyone’s eye.  I could write a book….and she should have.

Do you know if your mom had a favorite piece or collection that she imported? Do you know why?
Her avowed pet is our Incense Burner Lamp (M-12-L).  She loved it because the craftsmanship is a tour de force and the design was a privileged gift.  The original, after which it is closely copied, was a very expensive antique in a Hollywood Road shop in Hong Kong.  Mother would drop by to visit it, but felt its price put it out of reach.  The shop owner knew her and that part of her business was making reproductions.  After several visits he said,  “I think you should take that little censer home for the night.”  I still treasure the careful drawings she made that night.

When did you know your mom was entrepreneurial?
I assumed all moms were entrepreneurial until I was about 10 when I discovered that mine was unlike all my friend’s moms.  My mom could not cook, nor play bridge.

What were your best business lessons from her?
They are trade secrets.

What were your best design lessons?
Arrange accessories on a strong rectilinear plan – no kitty corner or cocked items .