The Brass Box

Posted April 30 2012

Lucia's partner in business and in life was Lloyd Scott. While Lucia's fingerprints are all over the eastern goods collection, there are some objects that are decidedly Lloyd's "signature" pieces. It just so happens that one of my favorite offerings was a direct result of much work on Lloyd's behalf. He found an antique brass box that was nearly corroded but its filigree and one-time glory was still apparent.  Lloyd dreamed of reproducing the box and he wanted to work with brass smiths in India. 

The Original Brass Box

For this box, he had a custom cloth suitcase constructed and, throughout 1982, he set off visiting various artisans to have samples made. Lloyd acquired an Indian nickname that (loosely) translated to "the man who carries the brass box." I am not kidding. 

The Man Who Carries the Brass Box (with Lucia at The Great Wall)

Eventually the dozen brass boxes that were handmade came out of Dehli.  Most remain crated here in the warehouse for the last 30 years. Again, I am not kidding. 

For those uncrated, the unlacquered brass has acquired an appropriate patina. I just opened a crated piece and it is bright and shiny. Both finish options are available. Find this offering in the collection!