eg on Pinterest

Posted April 02 2012

I love Pinterest although my obsession is not as great as some I know (ahem, Leah Ball Steen). Pinterest boards are found under my moniker April Pride because of the ventures and interests of my life tell a full story that supports the offerings at eastern goods. At the moment, the Board that is trending is the Mother's Day offerings found on eastern goods for $200 or less. We are talking antique porcelain pieces for less that $200. We are talking about a vessel for the flowers rather than flowers that will eventually wilt. We are talking about a bowl for the chocolates rather than chocolates that she will curse you for on Tuesday following Mother's Day. We are talking about a brush holder for her make-up brushes rather than perfume- again. 

We are talking about your Mother and a treasure befitting. (Must coordinate with siblings now to choose an offerings on which we can all agree!)