CURATED BY / Leah Ball Steen

Posted March 20 2012

Leah Ball Steen is, like me, a native of the Southeast (her Nashville, me Virginia), which is why I thought I immediately liked. It turns out that everybody immediately likes Leah. To-the-point in her talk and her design, she is known as the proprietor of Revival Home & Garden, which has become a by appointment only interior design studio. Her twitter stream is hysterical and her Pinterest boards as prolific as she is. Seattle is lucky to have such a creative gem and eastern goods is thrilled to featured CURATED BY / Leah Ball Steen. 

As we outlined in our first CURATED BY / post, the guest creative chooses 8 offerings to add to the eastern goods catalog. We also ask 8 questions to be briefly answered. (You can tell a lot by a person in just 8 answers.)

1. What is your favorite decorative arts category? porcelain, furniture, textiles?   
    Akin to choosing your favorite child, but if held at
2. Have you been to The East? If so, list where. Rave on fave (in less that 8 words).   
    Does eastern Washington count?
If not, which eastern destination ranks top of your list today?  why (in less that 8 words)?
    Shanghai -- how do they fit all those people in there?
3. How would you repurpose one or more of your selections e.g., vase into lamp, textile into quilt, wrap a rubbish bin with obi? 
4. Is there an interior design project where an Eastern aesthetic predominated that inspires you? 
    All of Tony Duquette's work has an underlying Eastern aesthetic that immediately distinguishes his work. One of my all-time               favorites.
Which is the first choice of these two that come to mind:
5. Anime / Pixar? Pixar
6. Celadon / Blue & White? Blue & White
7. Batik / Obi?  Batik
8. Traditional Ryokan / Grand Hyatt Tokyo (The Lost in Translation hotel)? Grand Hyatt