Blue & White Porcelain

Posted March 20 2012

As my last newsletter conveyed, Lucia loved authentic blue and white porcelain produced for the domestic Chinese market. She imported a few key pieces and dozens of ginger jars. (The collection of blue and white currently in the catalog does not include the vast collection of antique porcelain ginger jars, which are typically fitted as lamps.) This post offers inspirational images of I have collected for decorating with antique blue and white porcelain. 

My favorite, of course, being Whistler's Peacock Room. 

Aerin Lauder makes the traditional practice of blue and white pieces on gilt brackets fresh with a pink wall as backdrop. (eastern goods has the exact Fitzhugh plate seen on the table below! I will add this to the catalog in an upcoming feature.)

Finally, Cassandra Lavalle of coco + kelley sent me this inspirational image as she is putting the finishing touches on her apartment, which will be featured in an upcoming issue of Rue! eastern goods is going to help with a few finishing touches!

*images courtesy of Amy Howard Daily, Post+Grant, Cassandra Lavalle
Email me for more info on Fitzhugh plate and wired ginger jars -