Losel Dolls

Posted December 28 2011

Lucia purchased her collection of five Losel Dolls on August 19, 1987 as a show of support to the Dali Lama's Save Tibet campaign. Tibetan monks of the Drepung Loseling monastery have crafted these since 1983 as a way to preserve the tradition of Tibetan costumes.  In the years that followed, the Dali Lama began marketing these for sale to raise funds for Save Tibet. 

The body of each doll is constructed of wire and papier maché.  Cast metal hands are then affixed.  The heads are sculpted of fine clay and the faces are hand painted. Hair is attached and, finally, the dolls are dressed in tailored clothes of cotton, wool and silk.  The doll is completed with jewelery and other accessories.

The dolls costumes represent various regions of Tibet: the nomads, monks, Lhamo opera and ritual dance.  eastern goods offers a variety of dolls, which represent the diverse characters of Tibet.